Safety, accessibility, skill acquisition and sanctuary beyond the shore with @SouthIslandSUP
South Island SUP

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Lessons, tours, events, rentals and sales. We bring boards and gear so you don’t have to!
Ride, walk, bike, bus or drive to the beach. We meet you there. It is that easy.
Think concierge paddling South Island SUP has the highest quality and performance equipment available, you pick a board (or bring your own), grab a paddle and a life jacket, with dry suits available (stay warm) and off we go. Come regularly and try beginner, intermediate and/or advanced boards, challenge yourself with an agile advanced ocean board or just enjoy a leisurely lake float. Experienced certified instructors available. Interested in team building activities, paddling in unison, or at least attempting too, try our 18ft long, 5ft wide BlueWhale 6 person SUP with family, friends and colleagues, or a 22ft/32in Red Dragon 4 person board, in fact we have two, paddle side by side, or just drift together. Pick an adventure and set your sight to the sea.
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ask about joining - BlackFish RedDragon BlueWhale - an outdoor excursion club, for those who see the tremendous value, through planning, physical preparation, and proper progressions, in pushing comfort zones, getting uncomfortable, exploring our potential, as a squad, and in doing so see just how capable we truly are.
Why paddling,


the breadth, the bandwidth of your nervous system, test and expand your physical and mental capacity, get wet trying.

Think cycling without the cars,

mountain biking where the ground moves.

@SouthislandSUP has a different perspective on physiotherapy, on therapy in general, a different approach to sport performance, how to orchestrate performance optimization, with paddling as a factor multiplier, a “factor what?”, a factor multiplier, come and paddle, and give us an opportunity to explain.
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why SUP?