I starting writing a blurb on "the tsar of love and techno stories" just because; because I loved the book, because I believe the author is a remarkable story teller and craftsman, because it made me think, and rethink, the concepts he presented, from which i gained greater awareness.

Between the first draft written and the published iteration my post has shifted and morphed into a discussion, between my past self, and present self.

What is literature? What is propaganda? What is art?

Along the way I struggled with the challenge of keeping continuity in the post as it moved from "because I loved this book" to a dialogue on creativity and back to summary of a book which I consider a source of profound insight into the human condition.


And then I hit a point where I thought "perfect is the death of good" and I chose to simply publish my thoughts so far, and move on to the next subject that interested me, so here it is.

On "The tsar of love and techno stories" and a brief musing on literature and propaganda.