It felt like we paddled on silk today off Victoria.

We launched from a small bay to the east of downtown on an excursion around the south end of Trial island. We played “Unassailable force meets an immovable object” ~ a game ~ in view of the lighthouse keeper, before completing the journey around the west side, back through a turning over tide squaring off in the causeway between islands. We were rewarded on the return journey with rolling lumps stalled by the returning swell, a pulsing ocean texture, like riding waves of silk colliding under water.

BlackfishRedDragonBluewhale excursions with its lead guides simonwhitfieldexcursions, Local adventures and southislandsup , along with equipment provided by OceanRiverSports, welcomed Silk Start Victoria with their four team members and CEO Shaun Jamieson, to choose to their own adventure riding a RedDragon paddle board and five Black Fish out into spectacular weather, the Olympic mountains framing the view to the south, rain clouds were back lite by sunlight which makes the rain appear like slashes on a canvass horizon and there was a shimmer to the ocean surface, flickering black grey, almost metallic, like paddling mogles through liquid dimples.

We were able to catch some rollers out the back of trial island, practice unsuccessfully to pivot turn, navigate an exposed and turbulent backside, see a few seals, wave at a light house keeper, and finished off paddling eyes closed, a perfect day out on the ocean; there’s nothing quite like it.

Thank you for joining us Mitch, Emily, Conner, Jordan, Shaun and Cole, we hope you choose to adventure with us again soon,

Simon, Brian, Shane and OceanRiverSports - BlackfishRedDragonBlueWhale excursions.